"FOLLOWADS... SO YOU CAN BE FOLLOWED TOO" Desktop and Mobile PopUnder Ad Network

Welcome to FollowAds

    We see the customer as invited guest to our home. It’s our job to make your experience to be a great one, and you to want to come back. More then that, it’s our chalange to make you happy as long as you will be our partener. Don’t hesitate to belive that we will give our best solutions in order to make your dreams come true. Follow ads…follow us!

Belive in Services

Above all, FollowAds belive in SERVICES. We want you to be satisfied not only with the results, but also with the way we work toghether. You are a real person, we are real people too. More than our results, for us is important you be pleased with our services. We’re…

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Desktop and Mobile

FollowAds is created for both DESKTOP AND MOBILE browsers with identical objects. Although mobile is growing in importance, this data from one study shows that in all industries the majority of visits are still on desktop. Desktop is and always will be important until the day comes when there is no such thing…

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Realtime Stats

The reason why Real Time Monitoring is so important today, is because you can easily adjust your resources if needed on traffic and it is perhaps one of the most effective ways of protecting a company’s digital assets and utilities. It also happens to be one of the most affordable.…

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Full Control

There is full control over campaigns, both for mobiles and desktops, with the ability to chose when to start, pause or stop it. First step – We will need from you to add your campaign name for internal use only. After that please insert your landing page url, this is…

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Advertisers are important for us. FollowAds is the Popunder ad network to advertise your brands, your apps, your websites, your ideas or your business. Reach every corner of the world in just few clicks and few minutes and get the word out there about your creations. We widely serve in all countries, all regions, to any kind of audience. ...Read more
Publishers are important for us, too. We test the campaigns landing pages multiple times every day. Almost all sites are accepted. We review them within 24 hours. Your revenue, unless otherwise was determined with your account manager, will be paid on a NET+15 basis. Of course, with FollowAds the statistics are in real time, so the publisher can monitor the hits and earnings in any moment. ...Read more