You Have a Brand, FollowAds Gives You an Audience

FollowAds is the Popunder ad network to advertise your brands, your apps, your websites, your ideas or your business. Reach every corner of the world in just few clicks and few minutes and get the word out there about your creations. We widely serve in all countries, all regions, to any kind of audience and at any moment. And we are doing it by targeting the audience you ask us to aim. You got it! FollowAds is your ultimate tool for an ultimate success. And if you’re still wondering why we are the best and most obvious choice to promote yourself and your business, here’s why:

The 10 Best Reasons to Advertise With FollowAds:

✔ Targeted Campaign: by operating system (mobile, desktop), country, category
✔ Self Service Platform: you can control campaigns status, categories, bids, frequency cap, etc. Create campaigns, modify, set budget, bid, pause them at any time.
✔ Real time statistics: FollowAds dashboard allows you to manage and overview accurate and easily all of your campaigns.
✔ Tracking tokens (parameters) to identify the converting websites, source category, country origin, IP, used browser and operating system
Easy-to-use administration interface.
✔ Fast Approvals
✔ The minimum deposit is $20 PayPal. Campaigns don’t have a minimum budget, you can manage your balance at your convenience.
✔ Quality Traffic: FollowAds team developed a very advanced anti fraud system, which filters out all proxy, bot and low quality traffic.
✔ FollowAds do not accept landing pages with hidden downloads, browser freezing codes, malwares, viruses of any kind and illegal content( drugs, violence, guns, etc.)
Support System: Contact us now and discuss your business opportunities. We are available every day to respond to your questions and feedbacks in less than 24hrs.